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Welcome to Wendi Hayman Publishing Services

Wendi Hayman is a Best Selling author, ghostwriter, writing & publishing consultant, content creator, and graphic designer. Wendi believes that everyone has a story and writes for and consults aspiring authors in taking their stories from idea to implementation of captivating books. 100% of Wendi's Ghostwriting clients books have debut on Amazon's Best Seller lists upon release through her custom marketing strategies.

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Wendi Hayman is an author, publisher, entrepreneur, and mother. Her story is a long and winding road from the pole, to the pew, to God’s purpose for her life. For many years, Wendi lived with the guilt of her actions from her young adult life and was embarrassed and ashamed by past experiences as an adult entertainer and would not share her story with anyone. After finding freedom in Christ, she emerged out of hiding and moved forward beyond her past to empower women around the globe. Learn more about Wendi’s story of redemption through grace in healing in her book Blind Ambition. Through this story, you will understand that life begins where purpose is known. She also released debut fiction book One Hot Summer.  Wendi’s story continues in her Best Selling book, The Pastor's Secretary - What Really Happens Behind Closed Doors. Through this story, you will understand that freedom is found when you let your voice be heard and no longer suffer in silence to your past.

work with

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Everyone has a story!

Let         help you tell yours.

After publishing her story in two books and the responses she received from readers and audiences during speaking engagements, Wendi adopted "There is Power in your story!" She has therefore been committed to help others who have stories of overcoming some of life's most challenging situations to write and publish their story, through Writing & Publishing Consulting, Co-writing, and Ghostwriting and offering additional publishing services.  


Publishing Services

  • Print Book Interior Design 

  • eBook Formatting

  • Book Cover Design

  • Editing Services

  • Copyright Filing Assistance

  • ISBN Acquisition

  • Self-publishing consulting

  • Amazon and Barnes & Noble Online Distribution

  • Promotional Marketing Materials

  • Manuscript Review, Proofread, or Clean-up

Writing & Publishing Consulting Services

Consulting Services provide you with step by step guidance and processes on how to write, market, & publish your book. This service provides information on:

  • How to write your book

  • Book publishing options

  • Consultation on the self-publishing process

  • Book cover design

  • Editing and formatting

  • Copyright filing & ISBN acquisition

  • Set up accounts and Submission to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks, GoodReads, Smashwords


Package pricing from $197 - $2997 

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Writing Resources


Kit Includes:

  • Writing Manual
  • Writing Journal
  • USB Drive
  • Pen
  • Magnet
  • 30-minute consultation
  • Discount editing service

*Price includes shipping

Electronic Kit includes:

Pdf Writing Manual and Writing Journal printable pages

books by

Wendi writes about her story of redemption through grace in her debut memoir Blind Ambition- Through this story, you will understand that life begins when one knows their purpose, available through the website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Wendi also continues her story, one of freedom and deliverance in Amazon Best Seller, The Pastor's Secretary. Wendi's has also written her debut fiction book, One Hot Summer, and is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“A Must Read”

One Hot Summer was a great book from beginning to end. The story of Summer definitely touched my heart and I felt like I knew her. The book captured my attention from chapter one to the final chapter and I was upset that it ended. Great book but the best thing about it is you can feel the power of God as you're reading it. Continue to follow the Holy Spirit because you're going to help heal so many with your messages in your book.

                                  - 5-star Review


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“A Phenomenal Read”

Purpose! Do you know your purpose. Are you walking in your purpose? The main theme of "Blind Ambition" was finding her purpose and understanding her purpose. Author, Wendi Hayman made herself vulnerable to the world when she decided to pen her powerful story! Like the famous platitude, "All that glitters is not gold," was also poignant! This is a phenomenal read! I truly admire the relationship that Wendi developed and maintained with God! I loved the cross reference of the biblical scriptures. This was an excellent read I completed in one sitting!

                                              - Reader Review by Marie

Blind Ambition Final ebook.jpg

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“Redemption is available!”

I enjoyed the book! It was an easy read! I couldn't put it down! Wendi lets you know that when you fall, God will be right there to pick you up!!

- 5-star Review

BOOK SYNOPSIS: When she started volunteering at the church to assist the Pastor with some Administrative duties, Wendi’s main goal for doing this was to sow seeds of her time in effort of it being the catalyst she needed to gain full-time employment. Wendi had done this method before at a previous church during a time of unemployment and it yielded a positive harvest of her being gainfully employed. 

But this time, Wendi didn’t expect that her interactions with the Pastor would cause her to be interested in him other than a working relationship. These interactions that occurred moved from being innocently platonic to indiscretions. They also put Wendi on a winding road of infidelity that she did not expect to find herself on. In full sin and rebellion against God, Wendi then found herself at a place of complete brokenness and knew that the only way to wholeness was to run back to God where she belonged.

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